Two Tips to Look Better in Your Photos

Two Tips to Look Better in Your Photos


Having photos taken or taking photos of yourself can be frustrating! We’re all critical of ourselves. We also want to, or need to, have a picture taken that will be shared which makes MORE critical.

Before we get to the tips, let’s start off with a quick comparison. Have you ever noticed the arrow in the logo for FedEx? It’s there, and it’s there on purpose. However, most of the population only ever notices the FedEx and never sees the arrow. It’s very much the same in our portraits. In the same fashion, while we see our double chin, crooked nose, or one ear that’s higher than the other, most of the population that is viewing the image never notices.

Still though, that doesn’t mean it’s ok to us! So, here are a couple of tips that can help with your portraits.


As I mentioned, ‘I hate my double chin’ is a phase photographers hear a lot. Likewise, it feels BAD when you see a double chin because it might make you feel heavier than you actually are. Moreover, the picture you see also doesn’t seem to represent YOU and you should feel good about yourself. So, let’s get rid of it.

One way to help those pictures look good is to move your forehead towards the camera. This is also what some photographers are looking for when they say “lean towards me”. They’re trying to pull out definition in your chin and stretch your neck (it’s actually all about the neck!).

This is actually not as simple as it sounds either because: 1. It feels unnatural and 2. It can be overdone. With this in mind here are steps to practice:

  1. GET IN FRONT OF A MIRROR. Don’t just think “chin out” or “forehead out”. It can make you look unnatural which is NOT the goal. Practice a couple times in front of a mirror so that you can get used to the “feel” along with the actual movement and change.
  2. Next, imagine your head is on a string that is pulling you up. Stretch your neck up / pull your head up as if that string is pulling you.
  3. The last step is to imagine there is a string attached to your nose pulling your head forward, but your body is being held back and won’t move. Move your forehead forward. A lot. Jam it out.  Specifically, move your head forward without moving your chin up.
  4. Something to note is that you’re looking in a mirror. With that in mind, remember that you’re seeing in 3d and your picture is in 2d. What you’re seeing may feel /look a little weird, but when captured in the 2d view of a photo, it makes a HUGE difference.

Here is an example I came up with:

Headshot Example Normal Pose

Headshot Photography Photographer

Headshot Example Forehead Out

Headshot Portrait Photography Photographer


Can you notice the difference?


I wanted to include this second tip as part of Jam The Forehead.


Because when most people push their forehead out, they lift their chin. That DOES look unnatural. With this is mind, lower your chin a little. Not only will it help your overall pose, but it also will help give a
look of confidence!

Anyway, I hope these couple of tips can help your next photo look just a little better. I also hope they help you feel a little better and confident!

Good luck!


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