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365 Day Challenge – Week 2 Review


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Dubois County Courthouse – Reflections

Why: Simple. Reflections. When you get tired of taking the same shot of the same building (or seeing it).. then look for something different.

Rain can be so dull and dreary, but the puddles, the sheen on the roads and the mood of the sky can all play a factor in taking a new image that’s just a little bit different.

How: I set up at ISO 100, shutter at 1/20″, and f/9 aperture.

ISO is important here because the noise from a high ISO shot can really kill the image. I went with f/9.0 which is ideal for my lens to get the entire image as in focus as possible.

This puddle is about 1 foot by 1 foot running along the curb (Not big at all!!) It’s crazy what you can do with something so small.

Lessons Learned:

1. This image would look a lot better with a different sky. I.E. more definition in the clouds or even after a pop up shower. The lighting is just a little too dull.

2. The foreground is a bit boring for me as well.

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Landscape Photography Photographer
Huntingburg Lake – Compositions

Why: Huntingburg Lake is really beautiful. I came here looking for compositions on a lunch break. I wasn’t honestly even looking for an image. I was also here because I wanted to get a photo of the overflow running at the edge of the lake. I was a day late from the rainfall earlier in the week. Next time!


ISO 100 to get the best quality image on my sensor.

f/9.0 Aperture for an image with sharpness from front to back.

25 second exposure with a ND1000 filter on the lens. This was to smooth out some of the ripples in the water from a light breeze.

Lessons Learned:

1. Decent composition, but shift the camera left to get a little more of a leading line to the tree line.

2. Morning shot. Get some clouds and color in the sky.

3. Try to find a super still morning so that the reflection is crystal clear.

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Architectural Photography Photographer
Patoka Lake Winery – Architectural Interiors

Why: Earlier this day I had been talking to an architect about doing some architectural type photography. I really like to appreciate the work that goes into creating a really incredible space and building.

Patoka Lake Winery’s bar area really has a unique feel that I’m come to really like from my few visits there. I could imagine really sitting, relaxing, and spending some time here. That is a bit of the image that I was hoping to capture.

The other reason is because in my architectural photography, I’ve noticed that I don’t have many interior pictures and most of the ones you find in searches can be fairly mismatched, unorganized, or simply just rendered. This is a kick start to trying to find some great images and get into light painting interiors.

How: I failed here on the manual mode part of my challenge. This is an iphone shot on my xR and edited in Polarr.

Lessons Learned:

1. Use my camera.

2. Keep shooting!

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Pet Photography Photographer
Snow Cat
Pet Photography Photographer
Curious Cat

Why: Pet photos! The snow was falling and George was roaming. It was a perfect opportunity to capture an image of him showing off his orange coat against the white background.

How: ISO 200 – I had to bump this up so I could get a higher shutter speed. He was moving fast.

f/4.8 aperture for that portrait style shallow depth of field. I probably could bump to f/6.3

Shutter 1/400″ – was going for a higher speed and using shutter to complete the triangle.

Lessons Learned:

1. Animals move. A LOT. I took about 30 images to get 2 I like.

2. Get low (isn’t that a song?). I couldn’t see my LCD screen again (like the Crayfish image)

3. Use continuous servo focus mode and make sure i know where the focus point is. I was using single point focus. I need to try center weighted and see how that works.

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Candid Black and White Photography Photographer
Lost In A Good Book
Candid Photography Photographer
Lost In A Good Book
Why: I was thinking about a video I had seen recently in that a photographer in Brittan shoots only in black and white on his camera and that the raw files still have the color in them (which is true). He did this because taking an image in black and white requires a photographer to really think about the grey shade of colors, the contrast and using light to separate a subject from the background.
I decided to try this out with Kate which turned out really neat! There was a beam of light coming through her window into the hallway and I asked if she would read a book while I tried this out. I’m really really happy with the results.
I was able to capture just her and the book in the image, like she was lost in the pages of a good book and nothing else around her mattered. It’s very much what happens to me when I read.

How: ISO 800, f/5.6 aperture, shutter 1/800″. Placed her right in the light and used a higher shutter to darken the ambient light to nothing.

Lessons Learned:

1. Holy ISO. I really could have lessened that and achieved the same image with less noise.

2. If I had thought of this sooner, I could have gotten more of her in the light.

3. Change my angle so the book is more in view.

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Pet Photography Photographer
Up Close

Why: Horse riding Tuesday! Horses are really majestic animals and I really like taking images of them! They’re just like big dogs to me sometimes. 🙂 I wanted to capture a close up image of a horses face. This is one of them. The other I was going fo didn’t focus well and I didn’t like the composition, but I can definitely get it next Tuesday and create an image in my mind I really want to get!

How: ISO 1600, f/5.3, 1/80″. Focus on the eye!

Lessons Learned:

1. I actually really just like this image.

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Fine Art Pet Photography Photographer
Foggy Day Dreams

Why: This was a very uninspired day. I was having a lot of trouble figuring out what I want to shoot so I hadn’t even gotten the camera out most of the day. When I did, I didn’t try very hard to get an image.

I had taken a few shots of Roxy and picked this one because of the mood in her face. I was day-dreamy, foggy, and tired which is how I felt most of the day.

How: ISO 100, f/5.6, .75″. I wanted high ISO for quality, so the shutter was really slow. Roxy played a very good model 🙂

Lessons Learned:

1. Just get out and shoot.

2. Set some time aside to reflect and clear my mind.

Start Strong for Week 3!

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