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365 Day Challenge – Week 3 Review


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Frozen World

Why: It was the last snow of the year. I’m trying to improve my macro photography with specific goals in mind. I have an image I want to capture that will take practice because I’ll likely only get one chance to take the image (in the moment). Warm weather will bring this image to life.

How: This image is taken with my reversing ring. Just played with exposure.

Lessons Learned:

Get more in line with the image plane. The reversing ring has a VERY shallow depth of field.


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Colorful Times Ahead

Why:  I was taking photos of an event for the Jasper Chamber and one of the vendors had a FULL landscape set up inside a gym. The colors of the flowers really reminded me of spring and summer. I probably stayed at that booth for 10 minutes.

How: This image required a pretty high ISO. I was also shooting at a smaller aperture due to the event photos so more of the flowers were in depth.

Lessons Learned:

Having a flash would have been nice. I’m curious if it would have helped the photos of the even as well.

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Rainy Reflections

Why: It had been a few days of dreariness. In my search for an image, I decided on a more “art” style image. This window in our bedroom was wet which means the rain blew from the opposite direction of normal. It was also pretty cool to see the reflections in the rain drops. I will try this again with different creativity.

How: Nothing much different than correcting exposure and a wide aperture. manual focus on the drops.

Lessons Learned:

Get more creative with the image in the drops. Remember the flag image seen at the Dubois County Herald as a reference.


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Rising From Winter

Why: Because spring is finally here! I always look forward to the flowers in the woods popping out. It’s the first sign winter is leaving and spring is coming. I like to capture these flowers every year.

How: Expose for the flower. I couldn’t expose for the highlights because the flower would be too dark. I also couldn’t include the sun like I wanted too. I may try again with the sun directly behind the flower.

Lessons Learned:

FOCUS – I should have manually focused.

Increase my aperture and include more depth of field. On a macro shot like this, the depth of field drops off REALLY fast. It’s not what I intended and had too toss a few pictures with both incorrect focus and wrong depth of field.


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Falling Stars
Why: STARS! I love stars. Tis the season for star trails and Milkyway Photography. The purpose here was to learn more about the direction and length of the trails. In later shoots I will be rotating to get a good idea of how I can use the stair trail shapes in my compositions and how to better place the subjects.
In this image you can see there is more curve in the upper left and lower right in the trails. I can use this to my advantage.

How: ISO 100, 30 minute exposure (using the time function on the shutter speed) and widest aperture.

Lessons Learned:

The trails are dim because of the moon light. I need to shoot in a pitch dark with no moon or dark moon.

I can do better with my composition to help show more of the trail shapes and less subject. Maybe do a pano?


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Landscape Photography Photographer
Early Riser

Why: Because when you see a sunrise like this, you stop. This is taken on my iPhone. (Against the challenge rules) This is the time you stop and take a moment to appreciate the beauty of life and take a moment to forget about the things that take you away from moments like this.

How: Point and shoot.

Lessons Learned: Sometimes you need to forget the challenges and remember why I take photos. This was one of those moments.

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Food Photography Photographer
Healthy Times

Why: Food. This is actually the result of a video I was making. I was practicing video transitions, telling a story in video, and more. This is the product of that video.


Lessons Learned: I’m going to do a lessons blog on video making at some point.


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