Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography Service

Converting customers is a big part all business, maybe even the most important! On top of that, marketing can be a real challenge. Branding, story, relating to customers, and more also play a big role. Additionally, having eye-catching images of your product or service is an important part of each sale! Tim Gray provides a wide range of full service commercial photography.

Product Photography

With product images, I take care in composing each image to show the quality and character that item. The goal here is to guide the viewer towards identifying with that product and why they need it. That personal identification that the customer feels will help lead towards the desire to purchase!

Service & Commercial Portraits

You may need a photograph communicating to your clients who you are and what you can do for them. This then can help them to feel comfortable purchasing what you have to offer! I offer many photography options including candid shots, headshots/portraits, general images of your service and more.

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